Subjects for all stories published must address some phase of experience(s) in or concerning the Armed Forces of the U. S. or its allies.    Stories from the "Home Front" are as welcome as those from the "Battle Front."  I'd like to see these pages "balanced" in that submissions from other than male Marines and particularly from the fairer sex  and the US Army, Navy, and Air Force or our allies are particularly sought.      

Please make all submissions in Microsoft Word to    Do not send Java, Active X, or HTML.  Any such submissions will be discarded.  Any use of foul language must be appropriate within the context of the story.  In all cases I'll have to be the final arbiter, and like a baseball umpire, I'll call them as I see them. 

Please enter the copyright caveat at the beginning of the story, to include your current email address.  It would look like this:

"Copyright 2017.  __(Name) .  All rights reserved.  No part of this document may be copied, faxed, electronically transmitted, or in any other manner duplicated without express written permission of the author.  (email address.)     

When you make a submission, please make sure that it is in all respects ready for publication.  Time precludes editing individual stories, or making corrections to stories previously submitted but not published.  If you choose to publish your stories on this List, please give me the courtesy of being the first to publish it.

Writers, please keep me ( apprised of your current email address so I may make the proper entries to your hyperlink.


Please take the time to read the submitted publications. They are interesting, to say the least.

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